Saturday, April 16, 2011

Online Earning Opportunities in Pakistan

We have started "Online Courses" for those, who want to earn online from homes. Due to constraint of time this offer is not free and not expensive. Those who want to earn online course they can enroll themselves by sending email at Please send your cv with it. Online earning course is not for everyone. After receiving your cv. We will perform shortlisting procedure and then candidate will have to pay a fees of Rs. 5,000/- for access to course. After that candidate will get access on our discussion forum "" and his membership will be change to "Premium Member" and he can access topic of "Internet Earning", which is not accessable by every(General Member). This is a step by step learning course. Daily you will learn a class in urdu language and you can ask questions at anytime about it. And we will teach you so that you can earn with your own learning. Course duration is not specified. The fees of the course will be increased after 100 registration. Duration is not fixed. but will be fixed. Please mention "Registration: Online Earning Course" in email subject.

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