Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bulk Sms Software for your Business Promotion

Send thousands of SMS from your Computer of laptop. Its a very good technique of sending messeges to a number of people. You can use this software in many ways, like you want to introduce something new to your customers, then first save contact nos in this software and write a single messege and then click only one time and send to as many as you want. You may find different "Bulk Sms" software. But we are providing you a software with very attractive features. You can use this software in Pakistan. First time in Pakistan we launch Bulk Sms Sender Software for Pakistan Business. The origional price of the software is Rs. 17,000/- But we are providing in just Rs. 2,500/- only. The configuration is very easy. If you have any queries about "Bulk SmS Software" you can ask at or
You can see features of bulk sms clicking at following link;
Bulk SMS Features
Dont purchase software of Rs. 500/- etc. Because you may never found good and premium features as we are providing.

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