Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Instructions for New Members of Earn Pakistan.Com

New Members Attention Please:
First of all thanks for your emails for appreciation of the efforts of our, we have receive a lot of emails from new cummers, they ask us that how we can work on data entry projects, the answer is we are very sorry, because we are not providing data entry work for new cummers, because now we are working on google adsense, so we recommend new cummers that if you want to earn online money from Pakistan, than you can view and read all the previous material on our site and then ask the questions at

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop Working on Data Entry has stopped its working for online data entry projects, on going projects of data entry will be completed till December 2010 and after that we never start any other project on data entry. We are highly apologize from those members, who emailed us for data entry work and we never entertain them about data entry work. We are now only working with "Google Adsense" and requirements for "Google Adsense" work are quite high than data entry work. If you are a Pakistani and want to work for Google Adsense, then we are here to guide you. With the blessing of Allah we are working for google adsense and getting high incomes and all our senior members are highly satisfied with our working. If you are also interested in working with us, we highly appreciate hardworking personals and skilled and quick learners. You can write us your opinion at