Great Offer!!!!!

Great Offer!!!!!!!

EarnPakistan.Com is now offering high class professional site in just Rs. 5000/- at no profit no loss. The site will be as ready to start working immediately. If you have no experience of making a site, don't worry because we will create a site with very friendly user interface. So that anyone can easily post at site.

Start online earning with ready site in just Rs. 5000/-. This amount include website name+hosting+premium template. Details are as follow;

The Price is per year base;

1- Website name                            Rs. 1000/- (You can chek domain name at and price also)
2- Hosting                                      Rs. 1500/-(The servers are USA Based-Not Local)
3- Premium Professional Theme:     Rs. 2000/-(Original Price is 38$-But offering for 1st 100 customers in 
                                                       Just Rs. 2000/- one time fee)
4- Setup Charges                           Rs. 500/- (one time)
Total Amount= Rs. 5000/-

We will provide you full control for your domain and hosting. If you have any question regarding web site you can ask at
You can Send us email for order now and get your site in just 2 working days after receiving payment.