Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to make a Web Site

Its very easy to create a web site. but web site creation is only one time job. Means to say if you have a good web site so just publish contents on site and get benifit. Don't waste your precious time in web site making. You can use different tools to create your website. But if you have some good experience with PHP then you can create a dynamic site. If you want to purchase a ready made professional site, then you can contact with us at, we will give you complete information and control panel of your site. Control panel and dashboard of site will be very easy to use. Your site will be ready in just spending Rs. 5000/- include every charges. a .com domain name and hosting+ ready made site. So start today and book your order. We have premium professional web site. Original price of site is  39 $=Rs 3350+hosting Charges(Rs. 1500 Per Year)+(.Com Domain charges $10 to $12 per year=Rs. 1000). the only price without labour work is Rs. 5850/- but we are offering in just Rs. 5000/-. you can compare prices with any one. But don't compare with pakistani hosting companies. Because they may provide you hosting in just Rs. 200. but its very rough hosting. You may loose a high visitors. We have international hosting ( and (, you can chek prices on these sites about hosting plans.

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