Sunday, May 29, 2011

SEO Education in Pakistan

I am glad to announce that good SEO education is available in Pakistan now. Because i meet some people who are getting education of SEO from private institutes and they have good knowledge about search engine optimization. But still most of them don't know that how it works for benifit. We are now again offering online course of SEO. The course is in design phase. So it will be offered soon. So be in touch with the big portal of internet earning on internet. Your valuable comments always appreciated. You can write us at

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Get Video Training at your Home and Earn Money

We have a complete course of internet earning at your home. If you want to work online then you can get admission in "Video Training Course at Home", we will send you CDs of video tutorial in urdu language. so that you can easily understand the concepts and our online support through is also available in this course. So send your registration at and please mention course name in subject. The fees of course is very nominal but its very effective. You will have to pay Rs. 1500 for this course. This offer is only for first 50 members. After that normal rate of Rs. 2500/- will apply. This option is only available in Pakistan. But it will be available outside of the country in next month inshallah. Please send your feed back also on our email address.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online. Have you any site on internet? Have you any experience of data entry? No? So how you can earn money online. Earn Money Online is not easy and not difficult at same time. But earn money online is a time taking assignment. But your time will be encash after some time. Time depends upon your knowledge and skills. If you are good in computer programms. You can earn money online in very short time. May be your earning will start in 2 or 3 months. But if you dont have good knowledge about computers, so time will be more than 6 to 7 months.

Earn Pakistan Success Stories

You can ask questions here like? How much i can earn from Internet. We have already discuss in previous posts that we have lot number of member, who get knowledge from and now they are working on their own projects on internet. Earn Pakistan is basically providing guideline to those persons, who really want to earn money online in pakistan. if you are a citizen of pakistan and have internet access, then you can easily earn money through internet in pakistan. If you are under graduate then you can work on data entry projects online. Available at, share your ideas with all of other members by getting membership at and You can also email us at for more details.

Online Earn Money in Pakistan

Online Earn Money in Pakistan is not a very difficult now. Because you have a big source of internet to get knowledge about online earning in Pakistan. You can earn with different ways. People invest thousands of rupees in risky businesses. I recommend you to invest short money in your internet earning programms. You can start internet earning from zero rupees(no fees). But just read my next  words very carefully, if you start without investing a single penny, you may reach at your destination in 6 to 8 months. But if you invest a little amount then you can start with ready made work. For example establishing a new business and work on already working shop, you can analyze the difference. But requirement is that you should be able to work. Means to say, your education must be at least graduation and i.t education will be considered as a plus. Share your ideas with us at