Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is Bux.To?

This information is 100% correct that's payment system for new registered members is not good. If you want to earn through then first confirm to us. Because our new members don't have proper information about it. Our old members are working on and getting good profits. but still they are not getting payments at right schedule.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Earn On Internet through Odesk | Earn Money Online In Pakistan

On internet there is no single method to earn online money, we introduce only those methods of earning money on internet. Which we use by ourselves. Odesk is also a very good site for those persons who want to get online work. But earning on odesk is not a simple task. Because it’s a very discipline platform for online earning. The method is easy to start, like you will have to create an account at odesk dot com and then start searching jobs online. But you cannot get the project without required expertise. Many people are earning in Pakistan with odesk. Even some firms also working only on odesks jobs. The favourate feature of odesk is that there is no fees of any job. They charged fees only to the job posters. And you get per hour rate.

For more information write us at

Sunday, December 19, 2010

SEO Course: Full Detail

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is not just like a short course. Because SEO is not for begginers who don't know about internet and don't know about the basics of the computer. For example if you don't know about internet browsing and searching then SEO is not recommendable for you. Good english is not neccessary for SEO. But it is an added advantage. So when you apply for SEO(Search Engine Opitimization) inlist some expertise with your cv. Strong basics are necessary for this Course. We have received a lot of Cvs from members and other people. But most of them don't have enough knowledge about computer basics. SEO is an energetic course for the coming future. If you visit, you can see that almost 4 to 5 jobs of SEO Experts are coming per week. Send your details at


Monday, December 13, 2010

Distance Learning On Internet | Special Internet Classes about Online Earning

We have design a course for begginers, who want to learn about Internet work.

1st Course:

Training for Data Entry Work from Home. Training will conduct in your city.

2nd Course:

Online Course of SEO.(Duration: 5 Classes)
Prerequsits: Basic Knowledge of Web Designing and DSL Connection(Specially Use of Skype)

For both Courses admission and details, write us at

Friday, December 10, 2010

Earn Online | Earn Online Information | Earn Money Online

Most of you are reach on this site by using one of the following words;
Earn Money on Internet. How I can earn online. Online Earning. Online Earning Methods. Easy Way to get income online. Online Data Entry Jobs. Data Entry Projects.

Most of you have the questions in mind like;

How I can earn money from Internet. Best way of online earning. Online earning through website. How i can make a website and Start earning. Internet earning is easy or not.

All of your question have one answer;

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Online Earning Methods in Pakistan

People are getting money by spending their time on internet, if i say that earning money is just like to take a cup of tea, its totally wrong. Yes you can earn money by spending just an hour a day, but more you work then more you get and good knowledge always paid good revenue. So first of all enhance your knowledge and then you will enjoy the sweet fruits. Most of people want to earn online money but they don't know how to start and what equipments are necessary for start.

1- Your qualification (Atleast Matric)
2- Personal Computer (Minimum P3)
3- Good internet Connection
4- Spare time for working.(Minimum 2 hrs a day)

if you have above four things then you can start immediately. To educate people from Asia (Specially Pakistan) we have a forum.

Admin of
If you have suggetions then send us at

Sunday, October 31, 2010

SEO Importance in Internet Earning

Im not a good writer, but i can provide you quality concepts, most of people who search on internet about online earning, they found SEO Techniques, but the concept of SEO is not like to take a cup of tea, and specially in Asian countries, SEO experts are very rare, so proper education is not available, im here to provide you the SEO basic concept, this is a pure subject base concept, if your qualification is matric and you want to work as an SEO Expert, so you will have to work a lot in this field, but if you have relevant qualification like any special degree in I.T field then you can easily grab the idea, SEO is a very brief word but have a big definition, why you invest your time in SEO studies, the answer of this question is simple, you want to become your own boss, you can start work from your home and there is no need to go for office, if you want to go on vocations, there is no need for getting leaves, because just pickup your laptop with internet sticks like "evo ptcl" and work anywhere you are, just complete your work anywhere. those persons who want SEO education and have DSL connection they can connect with me through sending email, we can provide SEO Education on internet through web conferences, join us

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Data Entry Jobs at

Dear All,

We have published "Data Entry Jobs" through our site

Visit following link for more details and procedure;

Data Entry Jobs



Monday, July 19, 2010

Difference Between Data Entry Project and Online Earning Through Google Adsense

Data Entry Project:


It’s an active earning, means to say that if you work then you get income. You get for your work done by you at specific given time. You cannot get a single penny without working.


Earning through Google adsense:


It’s a passive income, you get income, even in those days, in which you never work, because people always visit your site, even though you never attend the site, they view your old contents, but its compulsory for you to update your site regularly for high traffic and for regular visitors.




In Data Entry Projects no extra ordinary skill required. Because you will have to work with follow the instructions.


In Google Adsense, You must need some extra skills, specially a creative mind and problem solving techniques. And your skill will enhance with the passage of time, and you earn more and more with your skills.


Payment Modes:


In Data Entry Operator Projects, they send you cheques of Mutuall Bank, and you can deposit it at your bank and paid some clearing charges, and withdraw your amount.


You can get payment of Google adsense with Cheques as well as Western Union(available in National Bank, Punjab Bank) and many more. And there is no extra charges will charge from Western Union.


Technical Aspects:


Data Entry is not a technical Work, but you never get handsome amount, its feasible for those who have some short knowledge and just want earnings.


Google Adsnese is very technical, you will have to study terms and conditions of Google and a lot more stuff is available to make it luxurious.


Start Here!


If you never know, how to start, then we have a ready plateforum, specially for Pakistanies in Urdu Language, just come on our forum, and register yourself and ask questions, we will provide you solutions inshallah, and there are no charges and fees for getting information on site.




Friday, July 9, 2010

Earn Through

The best methods to earn online in Pakistan are described on . come and join the site and ask questions with experts. The site have more than 30 members and moderators and other experienced staff members are guiding people. Specially pakistani persons. So come and register your self for online earning methods and data entry projects on the below mentioned site.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learn, Learn and Learn Then Earn

The above mentioned subject simply say that first learn, then learn again and after proper learning start earn. Most of the people thinking that earning on internet is a fake, and you cannot get anything, but reality is that you can earn a lot of money, as we are working, as you people come on our site and getting information about online earning in Pakistan. Same is the case I started in 2005 about learning for internet earnings, at that time my view was the same, if you are realy interested in making online money on internet.
If you want to learn about internet earning then come and join the following forum

you can ask questions.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Earn Money in Pakistan By Educating Online

If you are a good teacher and have teaching skills, specially Islamic education then its time to start your earning, its very easy for you to start, just download these applications; skype from
Its a messenger, with high class voice quality and use go to meeting for screen sharing, the next work is just to find your student, you can post your services on jobs sites and you will see that people will contact you for education. So just adjust your time with your students and get your money from western union or moneygram, ok. Its not a big deal to work like that. If you need further assistance you can ask at

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Earn Money Online through Teaching on Internet

People are earning in Pakistan through their PC. The best method is used for different type of educations, like virtual education of Holy Quran. The proper grammar of Quran. Our one member is working on it and he is earning Rs. 60,000 from this job. He is hafiz of Quran and also very competent in his Islamic Education. His name is Hafiz Shokat Ali. And he gets his Payments through moneygram. You can also educate people using different softwares. For Quran Education you can use Go to Meeting software along with Skype as a messenger. You can also ask us about any question. This is a very high paid earning method on internet. If you have sufficient education, then you can educate people outside of the country as well. So start today, your earning is not in your hands now. Its existing in your mind. You can even earn on internet by using illegal ways, but my advise is always same, if you can earn with proper way and legal way, so don't try to utilize your skills in any other wrong activity.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alhamdollilah ! have Created a forum for Open Discussion

Allhamdollilah, Alhamdolilah, as mentioned in the subject line that earn pakistan is now having a forum for open discussion, you can ask questions on this forum freely. You can learn SEO and Internet Earning Methods and Many other secrets, inshallah we will try our level best to provide you assistance. So hurry up and Join;

Monday, June 7, 2010

How can you make a blog? EBook

How can you make a Blog?

Setting Up a Blog 1

EarnPakistan.Com is launching a New Domain

Just share your ideas about our new domain, . The site is under construction now a days, but we are working on it and getting feedback from our users, you can find a lot of techniques for online earning from there, we are now ready for posting data entry jobs on

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Earn Money Online

We are very glad to announce that has launched its first discussion forum, you can now join this forum free of cost to connected for online earning. Just click on the following link;

Register on Forum



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Instructions for New Members of Earn Pakistan.Com

New Members Attention Please:
First of all thanks for your emails for appreciation of the efforts of our, we have receive a lot of emails from new cummers, they ask us that how we can work on data entry projects, the answer is we are very sorry, because we are not providing data entry work for new cummers, because now we are working on google adsense, so we recommend new cummers that if you want to earn online money from Pakistan, than you can view and read all the previous material on our site and then ask the questions at

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop Working on Data Entry has stopped its working for online data entry projects, on going projects of data entry will be completed till December 2010 and after that we never start any other project on data entry. We are highly apologize from those members, who emailed us for data entry work and we never entertain them about data entry work. We are now only working with "Google Adsense" and requirements for "Google Adsense" work are quite high than data entry work. If you are a Pakistani and want to work for Google Adsense, then we are here to guide you. With the blessing of Allah we are working for google adsense and getting high incomes and all our senior members are highly satisfied with our working. If you are also interested in working with us, we highly appreciate hardworking personals and skilled and quick learners. You can write us your opinion at

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earn Through Posting Comments

This tutorial is the answer of some member's question, so the question was that "Can I earn through Posting Comments", my answer is "YES" because its a technique to increase your traffic and you can earn a lot of money through it because it provide you the genuine visitor on your site or blog, the question is that how much important to post comments on different sites, its very important because you get permanent visitors for your site having the same thought, whatever you post on your site. For example you have a site of digital cameras and you post your comments on and then visitor see your comments and move to your site and get the required results or expectation. Than it means that you provide him right information through your site. But be awear that try to use only good PR sites for comments posting. Then you will get better results. For more queries, you can contact with us at

Monday, April 12, 2010

EarnPakistan New Members Instruction

All the new members, Attention Please
We are starting to educate our newbies on this plateform, we pare now making updates on this site for new cummers, if you are intersted in detailed procedure than kindly write us at we always appeciate your efforts,we are creating forum for this purpose, so that new members can ask from the senior members about good and healthy earning programmes, just frequently check your email addres,after sending emails at

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SEO In Pakistan

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a high source of income from internet. If you realy want to make earning on internet in Pakistan. Then learn about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and market your site or any other site and then make revenue. Its a very high class technique to introduce your site and then gets high profits through internet. In our country Pakistan, it is very hard to find SEO Institute, but we have a lot of talent is available. The only need to do is just commitment, because pakistani nation is very energetic and people are very educated. We have create a virtual network on the web to educate people of Pakistan about SEO, its a special course,designed for those student who are willing to work on google adsense and also having basic knowledge of internet and usage of search engine like google,altavista,goto etc, webpage designing or knowledge of other web page creation programs wil b an added advantage, so just tell us about your interest at

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Website Promotion and Ranking For Google

For website promotion and high PR(Page Rank), an SEO EXPERT will have to make some extra ordinary startegies, the procedure is very simple,just submit your site on high page rank sites and create backlinks for your site popularity, when u create a site or blog, it never index itself automatically, so you will have to manuly add it in websites and search engines, newbies have no need to worry about starting work, it is advise for all members,that read our old posts for starting with scratche,the only need for working is your commitment, if you have any questions regarding this article than just write us at

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Benifits To Work On Internet

You can get following benifits from Internet Earning;

1. You can work in your extra time.
2. There is no time limit to work on internet. Even you can work in late hours.
3. No restriction to learn from internet. You can get knowledge from Internet for Internet Earning.
4. Your earning will be in dollors, so if you earn 3 Dollors a day, it mean you earn almost Rs. 252. Per day.

5. You will have to work hard at once. After that you will have to do just routine work and gets high income.

6. Its a very chill work. So entertainment with earning is a plus.

Enjoy and start today.

We are working and getting income from our work. and Million people are getting advantage from internet. Unfortunately in Pakistan the trend of earning is comparatively low than other countries. Because in Pakistan there is general trend of people thinking that on internet, the changes of frauds are high. But if you work right and legal than there is no problem with internet earning. So just work under proper guidance and you can achieve maximum. Its guaranteed. But in starting you will have to work hard. you can send your comments to us at and

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How can I Get My Payment through Adsense in Pakistan?

Almost every adsense User think that how can i get my payment. Because it was very difficult in past to get payments. The old method was difficult for Pakistanies, Google just use the method to deliver the payment through cheques and they present it in their bank. And adsense user have to pay a sufficent amount to liquidate their cheques. But now Its very easy to get payment from Google Adsense. They have another payment method "Western Union", which is applicable in Pakistan. In this method you will receive a 10 digit code with your income value. and you will have to go for National Bank or Punjab Bank or any Western Union Point and you will get your money in your local currency. and there are no charges of western union. They will use conversion rate and pay the money to the payer. It is very amazing method to work with google adsense. And you will get benifits from it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Improve Your Site With Us!

Its very easy to make a site on internet. Because now there is no technicality is involve in designing a good site. After that it is most important part to enrich the site with quality contents. We are now providing assistance for web promotion. It looks like quite difficult for new cummers to promote there site. Don't worry, if you are new in this world. Nothing is as difficult to reach it. Just think and prepare your mind with new ideas and start today. Your earning is not far away from you. If you have a good sound mind. New Planners can see our earlier posts or you can navigate our web portal for more information, like "How you can create a site or blog in just few minutes" and how you can start earning with limited knowledge and short time or spare time. But success is not in your hands in just couple of days, you will have to wait for a period of at least 3 to 4 months, depending upon your working exposure. So just concentrate on work and create your ideas into work. And your earning will depend upon your believe and time you spend. When I started, I was just like a blank paper and there was no one, who can guide me. But with the help of Almighty Allah, Im now working much much better and I hope that my Pakistani Brothers and Sisters could earn in the same way. You can see our more web sites listed as under;

If you want to start with our guidelines then you can join our network and become member of the site. We will guide you for the rest of your journey.
Good Luck!
Site Admin

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Thinking ! Earn Today

Why are you wasting your time. If you have a sound mind and skill to operate computer and knowledge about web browsing and computer technical skill. Just encash your skill with your cleverness and make your work pretty good. Recently we are only providing data entry work in Pakistan only. Im providing here some details about our "Home Based Jobs".


Job Title: Marketing Typist

You will have to fill at least 1500 forms in a month and you will receive upto Rs. 12000.

Registration Fee: (One Time Only: Non Refundable)
Rs. 7500 for Marketing Typist
Monthly Fee: No monthly Fee
Subscription Time: No time limit,
Procedure of Work: Our representative will guide you online.

Other Requirements:
Computer: Pentium 4
RAM: At Least 512 (1G.B Recommended)
Internet Connection: DSL (1MB)
Available Working Time: (2 to 3 hours in Start)

Common Question:

Q:This work is limited?
Ans: No, you will receive one assignment at 1st of every month and you will have to submit it on last working day of that month.
Q: If i never complete work in time, so what will happen?
Ans: If you complete 600 entries than your income page will show your income according to 600 entries, but for Payment cheque. Your income will be more than 100 Dollors.
Q: When I will receive 1st Payment?
Ans: You will receive 1st payment atleast after 2 months, for example you start you work on 1st march and you submit on 30th march, then your assignment will check by supervisor team in april and your income will show in your income page in may.
Q: Will i receive each payment after 2 months?
Ans: Only 1st time you will have to wait for two months, after that you will submit your current work and receive your payment of previous month work. and Schedule will be continue.
Q: How can i contact with you?
Ans: For more queries you can email at:
and for Order "Marketing Typist" email us at
Q: This Site is Scam Free or How can we believe that this is a trusted Site?
Ans: Just ask at for geniuness of the site.

Phone: 0342-2851494(Site Admin)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Data Entry Work Jobs Details

If you need a real home based data entry jobs, kindly send us the following details as soon as possible

Your CV (including your typing speed)
Internet usage basic skills
Internet Connection (DSL or what you are using)
Computer (At least Pantium III) Kindly mention system speed also
Available working time

You can contact with us through following way:
By Email:

We have limited seats, you can work online and earn handsome amount, our site is providing work in Pakistan only. And Alhamdolilah we are providing true facts and figures. So we are inviting applications from only right and deserving candidates. Who are jobless and who wish to work online from home in their extra time. So contact with us for further details.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Data Entry Working System | Data Entry Jobs | Easy Data Entry Task for Home Users

We are affiliated with a US Based Company. They provide us online work and offline work. So we distribute our work among our members, we have a lot of work to do and still need hardworking personnels. The task is not difficult.

The candidate should be at least F.A or 12 Years of education in any capacity.
Experience of sites browsing. And simple computer operating techniques.
Broadband connection of internet.
At least Pentium III Computer.
2 to 3 hours spare for working.
Payout will be 130$ Monthly in start.
And after getting expertise level. The earning will depend upon your working.
Send your resume at

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Data Entry Work | Data Entry In Pakistan | Earn Money through Form Filling Online | Home Based Work

As our members knows that we were not working with data entry projects from last 4 months, due to some problems of late payments. But now we have started it again, and we have taking data entry projects for our members, who wish to work with us, they can get information about the projects by sending us emails at
The basic requirement for Data Entry Project is a DSL Connection with good web browsing experience. This is not a timely project, you can continue to work, specially if you want to work in your extra time, so it will be feasible for you to work. We highly appreciated those personnels, who have more than 30 w.p.m typing speed. All the Pakistani internet users are welcome for online Data Entry projects. And you can take work and work indepandently. The estimated income from this work at initial stage is almost Rs. 12,000 per month. With 2 to 3 hours daily working(depend upon your typing skill). Work is very simple and online training will be provided to the members also. So don't worry that how you can complete the assignments. Because we are available to help you. The Best way to participate in this Program, Just become member of this site by clicking on "Follower" link on right top of this site. And contact with us at