Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why SEO?

Most of our members have interest in online earning programs but we educate them to go for SEO, question is that why we prefer SEO upon Data entry Works, the answer is that SEO have a very good future in Pakistan. At this time SEO is very expensive anywhere, companies are paying heavy amounts to SEO Companies to promote their web business, in our country many people and institutes are offering SEO Education, but they are taking heavy fees but providing students with very short knowledge and also techniques of SEO are not meeting the criteria as we say "Superb SEO", so we have take initiative to provide SEO Education in Pakistan as well as outsiders online, if you have some basic knowledge about internet and also knows that how search engines work, then we will provide you further education. this education is very expensive but we are providing it on cheap rates. So if you are interested than email us at, the duration of the class is 1 hour per day and course will be cover in 5 to 7 lectures, we are serving students outside of Pakistan, but now we are offering this education in Pakistan(but online through SKYPE).



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Online SEO Education For Everyone

SEO(Search Engine Optimization), through website anyone can promote his business in the world. If you have a shop then you may serve your locality, but through web based business you can serve worldwide or overseas customers with your computer machine. If you have good products with very economical rates, but you don't have customers, then there is no benifit of good and cost effective products. even you have a website.

So its the right time to go for SEO, because SEO will make your site popular among search engines and your site will be visible with shine in other websites. So learn SEO, because its the future. Another question is that i don't have a site and i don't have a business, still i have need to learn SEO, my answer is yes. Because SEO have a great future. For example Zong serving their customers through website. But zong is not an i.t company, so that must hire a SEO specialist, who will promote their site, so SEO Experts jobs are available worldwide. You can work at oDesk and Freelancer and Elance with SEO Projects, because people hire SEO Experts at very huge costs. if you want to learn SEO Online, then contact immediately at Lectures will be delivered through SKYPE. Apply for SEO. But only shortlisted candidates will be select for course.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Pain No Gain !

I read many times on internet that people can earn money by spending 15 to 30 mints daily and they can earn 100 of dollors easily, earning on internet is not just like to take a cup of tea. Its a complete knowledge and procedure and its a step by step procedure, but steps are not defined in a fix sequence. In Pakistan, now internet is available almost in every 1/10th home. So if you have any stuff on internet, like your website or your profile at any job site, it means you are connected with all domestic internet users and also with global users. Here im giving an example of "Peter Chen", who is working online business. They are dealing in mobiles selling and other electronic products. He is member of a site and sell goods through that site. Im sharing his experience about online earning. He said that he remember that time when it was late night in the China and he was talking with his overseas customer and selling product and enjoying profits. but im not sharing any procedure about product selling, because in our country its very complexed to sell products online. But you can learn how you can start. Just come and visit my forum and post your question at and leave your question. and I will guide you for the rest of the procedure. Only serious candidates join the fourm.

Monday, January 10, 2011

SEO In Pakistan(Updated)

The trend of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in India is comparitively very high as in Pakistan, because there is not even a single institute, who is providing SEO education in Pakistan, people are working for Search engine optimisation, but its very hard to find the right person, but SEO education have great future in upcoming years, because SEO is now become a subject need for every business, our senior members are well awear about these concept, but it may be a difficult concept for new cummers, but its my sincire advise for all readers that try to work for SEO, and i apologize for stoppage of Data entry work, because they just give you work and this work is like to work as a labour,and you get only timely benifit, but SEO and Google Adsense are integrated works and both are very intersting,entertaining and with full of earning and learning, its a passive income, you get your income, even in those days, when you never work for it, your work paid you many times or you can say multiple times, if you are good user of Search Engines, it means that you know a lot of information about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). For more information always send us emails at