Friday, February 18, 2011

Create a Team of Warriors

I repeated many times that success without hardwork is not enjoyable. you enjoy your hardwork and get success. Mostly students ask how can we get success in SEO and earning on internet. I just reply a single line. "Follow the successors". Just use the successors ideas in the start. You have example of Varindar Sehwag, he says that from the start of his childhood, he was very inspired with Sachin Tendulkar batting, and he always try to copy his style, you can watch his batting, he has very similar style as sachin. so use the same strategy in the start and after getting expertise, use your own ideas and implement your thinking.

Come on todays topic: If you are a good webpage designer, also good content writer, specialist optimizer and all other aspects of website requirements.

But alone you cannot do all the things collectively, you have need a full time strong team for every department. You can do a better job, if you supervise everyone. but first see, are you at this stage where you can supervise every player. Are you capable to perform like a captain. If yes then make a team of warriors and get ready yourself for wars. Hardworking is essential for this work. if anyone tell you that you can earn more than 500$ with only using 2 to 3 hours a day with very short or little effort. He is misguiding you. Because your earning depends upon your knowledge.

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