Sunday, November 29, 2009

Right Program for Earning

Most of our visitors always ask that can you please provide us the right program. of earning. When a normal person come on a site for earning purpose. He must waste his/her time in extra works. So Im putting here some Questions, which you will have to give answer. Because every condition is not feasible for everyone. For example if you want to do M.Com. Then there are some pre-requisites for it. Like B.Com is compulsory for it. And if you have B.A Degree than you cannot apply. Same is the case with "Internet Earning Programs" just choose the right program as per your skill and your capabilities. If a site is offering you data entry projects. And you don't have proper computer lab. and also don't have a good and skillful team. Than how can you get data entry project. So my advice is that just choose the right framework. Im putting here my example, I choose myself for "Google Adsense" program. But no one can work in google adsense, if he or she don't have good internet using experience, other wise he will have to learn from internet or through an experience person or firm. That how he or she can start earning through google adsense. Many indians are getting very handsome income from google adsense earning. But in our country people are a little bit confused. That it may be a fraud or anything else. So belive this if you never start a work and predict about it that it is a fake method. You cannot project the situation. We have already posted the material on this website,
the initial steps of creating your site or blog these are very easy steps. And if you are a new cummer than use "Easy Steps" and our team is always ready to answer your question, but please ready the contents of this site first. Because you got most of the answers in our site. Because we provide you the information to start. You can further contact us at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Introduction of Cash Earning

Money gets money. If you want to earn money. Then first invest little and gets sufficent money. The best practices are Word Press and Blogspot. Both programmes are free for use. For new cummers, it is highly recommended that start your work from any of above. Blogspot is very easy to use and it have an extra advantage that blogspot is a google recommended product. And uploading of material and using templates and Search Engine Optimization of your blogspot is comparitively easy than word press. But word press is worthy when you feel yourself enough aware about web site development. A Question most of regular members ask from us. That web development skills are required to create and mantain web sites and blogs. We always replied no. Because in modern age only the requirment is just your intelligence. So start your working through wordpress or blogspot and save your time and earn money easily. For queries you are always welcome at

Make Site With Wordpress for Online Earning

This information is very attractive for our existing users. Who are working with blogspot. We have advice that if you are working for internet earning. And your primary aim is to create enough money online. Then its most feasible for you to create your site through Wordpress. Because wordpress have interesting feature and plugins. and very user freindly and people are widely using word press for internet earning. The best possible opportunity is that you can easily implement your strategy on Word Press theams and it is very much convenient in use. And word press forum is also available for your problems. We are also using word press theams and most of our members are earning from it. If you have any Query about Word Press usage. You can contact us at

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Earn Money Tutorials

We have Started a new plan to educate the members through this best site. Now in Pakistan we are in top 10 sites. Who are serving for earn money online education. The easy way to start is just become the member of the site. By clicking on the right side widget "Follower" and after that you will receive all the news and updates regarding earning money online in Pakistan. We are all Pakistanies and proud to be a muslim. So please don't try to use material of this type, which violate our religious matters. We are with you in this way. So keep visiting and become the member of this site. To take benifits from it. Because a member have more values than a normal user. We are starting tutorials. If you are new in this site than kindly check our previous posts for starting. Remember us in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best Way to Earn (Legally)

If anyone tell you that with clicking on ads you can earn 50 to 60 thousand per month. Please don't belive. Because most of my site visitors are muslim. So its my request to all other muslim brothers and sister that please don't waste your time with them. And just go with us. If you think that we are going honestly. We are not charging fees for providing assistance. Yes we are taking money from those persons. Who want to start earning within short time. But we appreciate those persons, who work totally with their own hands. Brothers we are working for google adsense. And you can get stuff on the internet about google adsense. Books are also available on internet about google adsense in pdf and doc formates. So download them and start reading. Because your knowledge will pay you. If anybody thinks that we are cheating them they can complaint us on We have promise to publish your complaints on site. For view of other members. But Alhamdolilah we are so much successful. Because Allah is the only Raziq. And kindly avoid to use vulngar material on your sites for getting income. Hope most of our members are now feeling much better. Some of them got the right answer on the portal. Allah k hawaly

Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Traffic for your web site

Your web site is now ready to get traffic. As we have already discuss the methods of advertisement. There are two major types of sites. One type is business and other is your personal site(just created for earning purpose). If you have a business site and also having good business than I suggest it that use google Adwards for advertisement. and if you have a personal site for internet earning purpose than try to advertise it with your own effort. The method is very easy, just submit your site on search engines and then get traffic. If your site index in famous search engines like google, msn, yahoo, altavista etc. then its time to update and maintain your site daily basis. And it will provide you trafic and visitors interest as well. We have some lists available of web directories and blog directories. You can ask at