Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How I Can Earn Money In Pakistan With Elance PlateForm

Elance is a WebSite Giant in the field of Internet. If you have expertise in computer or internet, specially webpage designing etc. Elance is right choice to earn money specially in your extra time. If you are serious in utilizing your free time and convert your time into money then elance is very sophisticated plateform. Is eLance is fake? Answer is definitely no because your payments are protected by eLance. Contractors pay to elance first then they create jobs for you.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Earnpakistan.Com is Now Earnpakistan.Blogspot.Com was a big source of information but now the site has changed its name and came back on blogspot domain due to some unclosed reasons. So now and onward all the articles related with online earning in Pakistan, methods of earning on internet and all like that stuff will be publish on this domain If anybody needs guidance they can also contact us through email address; We are also inviting authors who have good track record of writing quality articles on internet about online internet earning methods in Pakistan. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Online Earning Through Data Entry

Many times in our site we have been discussed that Online Earning Through Data Entry is not a good way to generate income from internet. It takes to much time and energy to complete the task and pay you very little. Data Entry Projects from elance and odesk may give you some handsome amount, but if you get work from data entry sites, you are selling your expertise in very little pay. I advise to all the web site users and visitors who are going to start this course that choose the appropriate way to earn from internet in Pakistan or in any other country. Your knowledge, expertise and hands on activity matters in this regard. Don't try to cheat anyone, because you may earn some money but you lose trust and off-course negative attitude always create negative results. Start your earning through creating website is a good idea only if you have web development skill in your education. Start earning from any business on internet, called as e-commerce is also very good if you have some good mind. All the good ideas give you some better adjustment in internet world. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to earn online in Pakistan Through Elance

After a long time a fresh article is ready to grab the attention of 376 registered bloggers of this portal. Elance is well organized portfolio on internet for skilled persons and companies. The main question is that how a person can start work on elance for online earning, i have already said in different previous articles that if you have skill or if you want to create a skill for online earning then this article and other literature can help you for online earning in Pakistan, even if you are residing outside of Pakistan still you can earn from this platform.
First of all you will have to register on Elance and then Create a complete profile, because its not a formality to create a complete profile, most of companies/individuals read your full profile and then reward your bid and give you work.
Then you will have to complete some basic tests on elance, showing that you have familiarity with elance site, after that you might participate in skill test(relevant with your field), then choose category of work that is related with your skill.
Elance is very good plateform, but honestly speaking that for new cummers Odesk and are best to start.
Elance have strict policies. If you have questions then you can email us at
Like if you want to ask payment system of elance that if you earn money online in Pakistan, so how elance will pay you in Pakistan, we have answers of your questions. Keep in touch with and with us also.