Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Earn Money | How I Can Earn Money Through A Web Site

How to earn money on internet?
Today i will just tell you the procedure of earn money in three sentences.

Make Your Website.
Publish Contents on Your Website
Drive Traffic on your site.

This is all about the secrets of earning money online. If you need any assistance regarding these above stated steps. Then you can hire expertise of in this regard. We have very affordable rates for ready made websites. You can publish your contents as easy as you write an email. Just place subject of your news and write the body of the news and earn money through this process. For complete work details write us at
Please consider that all the procedures in this article are paid. So every steps required some fees(original expense+our fees(very nominal)). Your trust on will be honored inshallah.
Because most of the people believe that on internet people deal with frauds only. We are Muslims and we have to trust on Muslims. No single penny will charge for any other activity.
Our developers will develop a site in this manner that an ordinary person(a non technical) can handle this easily. After that we will provide you continuous consultancy about earning money. But remember that this is not as easy as to take a cup of tea.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making Money Fast | Making Money Through 1,2,3

Making Money Fast is only possible if you are a quick learner. You cannot earn a single penny if you start today and never know what to do. Making Money Fast is only feasible if you have any person who guides you about the methods of online earning.
People who are working under umbrella of and know that how we educate them for smooth working. If you have content writing skills then it still need some technical espects. We educate our content writer time by time through emails and through sms and other mediums. So after working for atleast 4 to 6 months they become our valuable assets and start making money fast.
If you want to earn online in Pakistan with basic knowledge. I recommend you that purchase ID from any good and reliable data entry site and start your work. Because bad experience is better then no decision(Mr. Arfan Pervaiz said in email"good quote arfan".).
Start your work with passion and courage and don't think that you can lost anything. If you purchase an ID from a site in just Rs. 5000/- and get knowledge of more than 10000. So ask questions regarding Making Money Fast at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Money Making Through Elance and FreeLancer

Most of students related with I.T(Information Technology) complaint that they have no job due to improper system in Pakistan. I said that you can encash your expertise with just shaking your mind on elance and freelancer. If you have skill about graphics then you can create logos for companies and you can also compose their advertisement etc. if you have programing skills then projects related with programming are also available on elance and freelancer.
So start making money by visiting shopping sites, if you provide someone a sale then you can earn upto 100$ per transaction, why not ready to use for marketing. These are very better choices, but you will have to be very patient while using these type of web sites for money making. Money making on internet is not an easy task to do. You will have to work for it, so after taking so many risks you get something better as you deserve. Money making is basically an art. People can earn much and more with there expertise if they know how it works.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to Make Money Online | How to start to Make Money On Internet

How to make money, how to make money, how to make money. Don't ask me "How to make Money". Ask the same question with yourself that how can i make money online through internet.
I was watching a video tutorial on my laptop that how to make money online. It was a paid tutorial. The person who was guiding through that video lecture says that there are a lot of examples in front of you, specially richest persons in the world. They were not born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Only the right idea makes money for them.
I really astonished to watch that tutorial "How to make money". It was basically related with clickbank and facebook. You can earn by using both of sites. Clickbank provide you products of different personnals or companies. You promote their sale and get huge incomes.
It looks unrealistic in our country, specially in Pakistan. But its very feasible if you try. Just pickup the right product from clickbank and create an advert(paid advertisement) at facebook. As you see the "Ajwa Khajoor" advertisement on facebook. And on every sale you will receive a reasonable commission as decided in the promotion of clickbank.
This information is basically those people who are frequent users of internet and facebook and familiar with a little bit with graphics.
If you don't know what is facebook and what is the behaviour of search engines. So this post may never provide you the required benifit. But you can create expertise for this thread "How to make Money Online"
For Begginners: Please readout other topics on Making Money Online for Begginers at

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Money Online | Making Money Without Computer Knowledge

Making Money Online is based on your knowledge on internet. If you have a question that "how i can make money online" without computer knowledge. It is possible but you can only earn high incomes if you have good luck. Start Making Money Online with this believe that its work. If you start with a thinking that there are lot of frauds, scams on internet with the name of "Making Money Online". So don't use assumptions. Im making money online since last 4 years and day by day I educate many people who's earnings are now very huge. but most of them are hardworking. they know it require believe, commitment and time also. I am writing this article to facilitate those users, who are beginners in this field.

How to start with "Making Money Online". You know everything for everyone not feasible. If you have commerce background and your boss assign a job to you that you will have to work in  as computer technician, so it might be a difficult task for you to work on it. Because your qualification profile does't match with job. Same is the case with "Making Money Online".
If you are hafiz e quran and you want to earn money online. So you can locate students in any country, who want teacher of Quran and you can teach them through skype.
I already discussed that Hafiz Muhammad Shokat is teaching on skype, he gets his fees through moneygram and he have a small setup in his room. A computer, internet connection and U.P.S. His earning is almost near about 60thousand pkr and it fluctuate.
If you are not a hafiz then its not for you. but you have other chances on internet to work for "Making Money Online". That's why i ask you to send your cv, which will describe your expertise and then i will tell you what type of "Making Money Online" method will apply for you.
So send me your cv's at mark "Making Money Online".

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To Make Money Online | Make Money Online in Pakistan

I have knowledge, i have skills, i have great passion to work. I want to earn. But this country cannot give me the chance to earn. Because every job needs reference or every job is reference based or depends upon rishwat. I am hopeless because in our country there is no life of educated people.

Most of us have same type of thinking. But most of them are totally wrong. Because now we have access for knowledge. I just give you a simple example. You apply for a job, send your cv and wait for reply. Why never call them on there HR(Humen Resource).

Just think for a while that you are totally wrong. Your thinkings are based upon your wrong assumption. After spending few years in market. You just realize there were hundered of opportunities. Which i can get. but my wrong assumption restrict me to go for them.

How to make money online. If i say you have a golden hen and you don't know where she is. So you may astonish that what rubbish he is saying. I only have degree and he is saying you have a golden hen. Ok I have a secret for you that through internet you can earn a lot of money with unique ideas. You can get the answer of this famous question "How to make money online". ask your self how people can earn money from internet.  If you have no answer then search on internet. Just open and write the words "How to make money online" or "how can i earn money on internet" and get the results of hand made articles of experienced people.

Now get ready yourself at, because in next article i will teach you that how can you make a professional site without technical knowledge. People who are intersted in online "Content Writer" job, they can send me cv's at

Sunday, July 10, 2011

On line Jobs | Start On line Jobs

Some people are searching internet jobs with writing in search engine with "On line Jobs". People of our country have great talent but unfortunately no plateform for "On line jobs". So we took initiative for "On line Jobs". We are creating virtual teams for on line jobs. So get ready for the working and send your cv on our official email

Please don't forget to send your cv and mark as subject "On line Jobs" so that we could provide you work on websites. We were not working for on line data entry jobs more. But after several requests now we again start data entry work for those. Who think that their english language is not up to the mark. so they have easy jobs of data entry. On line jobs are available at
Advantages of on line jobs:
Low skill required for data entry assignments.
Easy to work in flexible timings.
You can work even in night as you are comfortable
You can use your extra time into cash.
No technical skills required.
You get new information and knowledge
Good for begginers

Disadvantages of on line jobs

Registration Fee Required at Starting Stage
Comparitivlly low income then content writers

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Earn Money Online

Topic: How to Earn Money Online
Writer: Admin

I have some questions first, do you know what is "Chrome", "Firefox", "Internet Explorer" etc. Most of you are familier that all of the above are Internet Browsers. So why not people use only "Internet Explorer", people are crazy for "Google Chrome", there are some solid reasons behind it.
Another question is that do you know that what are the major differences between chrome and internet explorer. Some of you must know the features and differences about explorers. so that is basically your knowledge. if you don't know the exact benifits of explorer, how can you get the answer "How to earn money online". Procedures for online earning are available on internet. How many of you know about the algorithms of search engines. Just ask some questions to yourselves. Even there are lot of other internet earning programms are available on internet which required relatively low skill. So "How to earn money online" is a common question but have different answers. My aim is here to tell you all about the path. But you will have to walk on this path. So your question regarding "How to earn money online" will be entertain at Please ask specific questions which require less time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Online Jobs | Online Internet Jobs | Data Entry Jobs Online

Dear All Members, is again starting data entry jobs online. Now the lead for "Online Jobs" is in testing phase and will be available soon. This programme is again design for those people who cannot work for their own websites. So data entry is relatively a simple Online Job. So if you have any of the following question then contact us;

Im Looking: Online Jobs
Im Looking: Online Internet Jobs
Im Looking: Data Entry Jobs Online
Im Looking: Online Internet Data Entry Jobs
Im Looking: Onlinejobs
Im Looking: On line Jobs

So register yourself at or email us at