Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tutorials for online Earning

Dear All,

We always recognize the efforts of hardworking people. And we are very happy because many guys asking frequently from us through our email address info@click4information.net. and we are guiding them for online earning Easy Ways. Next We are planning for more tutorials for those, who already have their own sites. We advice all of the new members that they must read the whole stuff of our site and then participate in the online earning program. We are not charging any fees. and we never ask even a single penny if you work with your own hands. and just ask us as a guider. further more if you never want to spend your precious time in web site designing. just email us than our technical team will consult with you and prepare your site as per your choice in very cheap rates. And if you could hire webmasters in your local area, it will also better for you. But we provide you complete and easy interface to handle. and one important message is that some very young boys contact with us and they just have under matric qualification. and very much excited in internet earning. We advice them to be cool, because first complete your studies than go for online earning. Because good education will help you too earn high incomes on internet. Because you must be creative after very healthy education. good luck all visitors. To participate in a very clear and transparent way of earn online.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Earn Through Get A Free Lancer

Get a Free Lancer is a very good method to earn through internet. Like if you want to work from home in Pakistan or anywhere, where internet facility is available, you can work. but its must that you are a skilled person. No problem even if you are good in data entry or even in excel. Because a lot of work is available here. You can register for free and bid for projects. You can also get gold membership it just cost 12 USD monthly. But gold members are much reliable then ordinary members. you can get payments through GAF and depend upon your deal. So visit www.getafreelancer.com and also visit www.elance.com if you have any questions about the method and anything else. you can contact with us. our email address is info@click4information.net. our experts are available and they will guide you without any fees. just remember us in your prayers.

Make Your Own Site-Tutorial

Make your own site tutorial
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Open www.blogger.com
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Click on Create A Blog

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Work From HOme

This article is for those persons, who wants to start their work at home. I will share only true facts and figures, because there are a lot of sites on internet who promise with you, that you can earn thousands of dollors even in months. But never state the path that how can you earn. We can share ideas on this plateform. My suggetion for all the biggeners that please never make y0urself depandant on "Work from home" yes you can work from home. but made it at secondary work. means to say just do your job in early hours. only 1 to 2 hours are enough for working from home. and you can earn a lot with the passage of time. but in start don't try to sacrifice your job in this matter. and when you feel that your earning is almost 500 dollor to 700 u.s dollors than you can take it professional. and at that time you feel comfortable. so again the question is that where from a biggenner can start this journey. I am a Pakistani and started my work in 2007. and at that time i was at zero but allhamdollilah i am in a good position. because i work hard and earn good income from internet. So just read my bellow posts to start work. in this site all the information is available, we are also available on info@click4information.net for every type of question and quries. and we personally reply all of the emails. So keep visiting our sites. for more updates and news.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Easy Earning Methods in Pakistan

Easy Earning Methods in Pakistan

If you are new in the internet world, and still confused that how can you earn from it. Then this information will make you relax now. If you have a little information then its not a difficult task. So I will explain the concept of Internet Earning and Making Money in 3 words definition, so that it will be clear in your mind. So the concept is very easy and clear;

Make Money= WebSite+ Ads+Visitors


Just create a site, like if you create a website related with “Mobile Phones” , its very easy to create a site. The question comes in mind, will I have to know HTML, Web Page Designing or Front Page Etc. So our answer is No. Just use ready made free templates for working. They are already in position. (Ready to use). Like this is a ready made blog. You are visiting “www.earnpakistan.blogspot.com”or you can visit “www.mp3ghazals.com”its also a free blog site. If you have still any question about it ask frequently at info@click4information.net


After creating a site. Just made an agreement with google ad sense. And create an account on ad sense. Its very easy to place ads on your site. But never try to create account on google ad sense if you have no website. Because google can reject your ad sense account approval. If you don’t have any site. Or having copy paste contents on your site. It you have still any problem with google ad sense account then contact with us. Info@click4information.net


The next question is that why people will come on your site. Oh its an open secret because you are on my site. Why because it’s a site where from You can learn the methods of internet earning. And making money through internet. I want to add an example here, like if you purchase a new ptcl connection. Then your phone no. will not be included in last addition of ptcl Directory. Same is the case if people try to search your site in google search engine. It will not show the results. So you will have to submit your site in google directory. Then people can find your site. By search engines, with writing some words relating with your site. Like “Earn Money Online in Pakistan” then your site will index in searching results. And you got the visitors. And then you can earn money online. These are some best methods for online earning. If you want to learn more for earning on internet. You can read more contents of this site. And you can contact with us on the following email address info@click4information.net

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My experinence with Internet Earning

What is my experience with internet earning?

When I started my journey on internet for the purpose of internet earning, I was not on zero. Because at that time I was really confused, because I waste a good time on fake sites. They made promise to pay but most of them were fake. They just want to earn money for themselves. And they provide almost useless information. At that time I realize that this process is very much complicated, specially for Pakistanis, because sorry to say but Pakistani Nation and Asians actually have a bad repute in global market. Even though im also a Pakistani and proud to be a Pakistani, So question is that money making is as easy as to start work today and get payment in the next month. Sorry I am strongly disagree with this sentence. Because I am writing this article to provide you the real and true picture of Money making online. So my first advice for you is that if you want to start first of all evaluate your skills. We are good analyzer than you, why? Because all those steps which you will have to follow, we already did(may be not applicable for all the cases) but it will levied on majority of people. Don’t go with news papers and other advertisers. Because their first aim is to earn themselves by any means. Because I personally research on those companies who give advertisement in the news papers and promised with people that you can earn money easily. I again said that earning on internet is not an easy process, like to take a cup of tea. Now in the end of this article I will give you a start that email us your complete CV on our mailing address info@click4information.net. And we will provide you exact information after cheking your qualifications and skills. So good luck all persons, who are interested.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Start your Work Today from home

Dear All,
I have extreamlly sorry for my last post. Because Bux.To have many problems in their payment system, and its very difficult for the new cummers to work on bux.to. So my suggetion for all of those who want to make earning from home. just show patience and they can earn a lot. But it will take time. Because if i put here the lust of money. that you can earn daily 100 dollor, it will be a wrong statement in the start. yes you can earn even more than that. but it require a special expertise level and ideas. So if you want to make money i have very good ideas. Just create your site. and then post data on it. We will guide you for the rest of the procedure inshallah. But all of you, who interested they can send us email on info@click4information.net. If you are a good web developer so don't waste your time. just come and join us. We will guide you free of cost. If you don't know how the web created for money making we are here! to facilitate you. but honestly speaking, site creation is a time taking job. and it require the skills. So we will charge nominal fee. The first and the most important is your trust. Inshallah we will try to work. For further question you can email us for price details and for our contact numbers. email us at info@click4inforamtion.net