Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to earn online in Pakistan Through Elance

After a long time a fresh article is ready to grab the attention of 376 registered bloggers of this portal. Elance is well organized portfolio on internet for skilled persons and companies. The main question is that how a person can start work on elance for online earning, i have already said in different previous articles that if you have skill or if you want to create a skill for online earning then this article and other literature can help you for online earning in Pakistan, even if you are residing outside of Pakistan still you can earn from this platform.
First of all you will have to register on Elance and then Create a complete profile, because its not a formality to create a complete profile, most of companies/individuals read your full profile and then reward your bid and give you work.
Then you will have to complete some basic tests on elance, showing that you have familiarity with elance site, after that you might participate in skill test(relevant with your field), then choose category of work that is related with your skill.
Elance is very good plateform, but honestly speaking that for new cummers Odesk and are best to start.
Elance have strict policies. If you have questions then you can email us at
Like if you want to ask payment system of elance that if you earn money online in Pakistan, so how elance will pay you in Pakistan, we have answers of your questions. Keep in touch with and with us also.