Friday, August 28, 2009

Online Earning Methods

We are very very thankfull for all the participants, who participate in our community at orkut named as "Paisa Kamao", i want to share some exapmles with you, our participant Riaz bhai from Lahore recently earned Rs. 15,000 and withdraw the same amount from western union. and now his online earning amount Rs. 45000 is ready in September 2009 inshallah. He started with our commmunity and now he is very competent in his working, i want to share some tips or methods with our site visitors;

1- You can earn through making sites or blogs, and the estimated time to spend daily is 2 hours in starting 3 months. After it you will have to spare almost 1 hour daily, to maintain and promote the site or blog. You can ask question there that if i don't know, how the site or blog created than can i earn, our answer in this senario is "Yes" you can earn. because its not a technical issue now a days, you can create a blog or site easily, if you are interested to spend some effort and time and maintenance is also very easy, to create a blog is just like you are creating a new email id. so just put information and use templates, the templates are ready to start, just customize that templates according to your idea. We are not spreading fake information on internet. Allah will bless us with his grace. To spread all the information. you can also contact with us in any case. just email us at and our web site is also available for further assistance.

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