Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top Ranking on Google Organic and Paid Search?

The Internet has basically taken over every other marketing venue in terms of spending. The importance of being visible online is crucial to the success of a company, whether brick and mortar or with an exclusively online market.
In the UK last year Internet advertising grew 41.2%. Sixty percent of companies that are spending online right now plan to increase online budgets. Companies are directing more of their budgets online attempting to build their brand and engage end-users.
Being at the top of Google organic search is the top priority for just about every online marketing company that knows what that top placement would mean to a company. The difference between being at position#1 and #11, in many cases, means the difference between a profitable company and a company scraping by.
Of the many ways to spend your advertising dollars/pounds, Google Adwords offers the opportunity for advertisers to be visible to thousands of targeted consumers and be seen in the top of a search for the keyword or keyword phrase the company targets. This works in the same way as if they were buying a half page advertisement in a specific area of the local newspaper (i.e. a perfume ad in the women's section).
Google Adwords is a paid tool that advertisers can use to bid on terms related to their business, and potentially show up on the first page of results for those keywords. This can be very expensive depending on your market and your competition.
The question is, do you need to pay to be seen if you are already showing in the top ten? The answer is yes you do.
Each search engine uses different sources for things such as paid results, natural results or directory results...and in some cases they even use different sources for their secondary listings.
"So if I'm #1 on Google, why do I need to pay for an additional placement in paid search? Won't I be paying for traffic that I will probably already get?"
Not necessarily, and we are going to show you and prove why beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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