Thursday, May 22, 2008

Article Google NO.1

This article started as a challenge. I have a membership site with an enormous amount of information on SEO, traffic generation, sales conversions, and so on. A friend of mine however made a bet. He bet me that I couldn't show the steps to ranking well in Google in 45 days or less, and do it in less than 2,000 words. Now ordinarily I'm not really the betting kind, but let's just say he made the bet interesting.
Before I go into the actual techniques to getting a #1 listing in Google in 45 days or less, let me say something that should be obvious: "It isn't easy." Also, please keep in mind that this is not a scientific dissertation on the subject meant to cover all angles of the subject.
Don't think that getting a #1 spot that fast is something you can do working on it only five minutes a day. You can't, not anymore. There's simply too much competition and EVERYONE is trying to rank well.
However, the rewards for getting to the #1 spot on Google are enormous, as I am sure you are aware.
With the preliminaries out of the way, there is an important thing to know about Google; it's that Google is very "link centric." In other words, ranking well is determined largely by who is linking to you and who you are linking to. There are other factors which we'll get into later, but that is the bulk of it.
Therefore, if you want to rank well, your site has to be "link worthy." Or better put, your site should have reasons why someone would want to link to you (and if you have a plain ecommerce site we'll get to how you do this).
You see, unless you want to spend a small fortune buying links (which largely don't work), the only way to get them, and therefore the only way to rank well, is to have something on your site worth linking to. This of course brings us to:

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