Monday, July 19, 2010

Difference Between Data Entry Project and Online Earning Through Google Adsense

Data Entry Project:


It’s an active earning, means to say that if you work then you get income. You get for your work done by you at specific given time. You cannot get a single penny without working.


Earning through Google adsense:


It’s a passive income, you get income, even in those days, in which you never work, because people always visit your site, even though you never attend the site, they view your old contents, but its compulsory for you to update your site regularly for high traffic and for regular visitors.




In Data Entry Projects no extra ordinary skill required. Because you will have to work with follow the instructions.


In Google Adsense, You must need some extra skills, specially a creative mind and problem solving techniques. And your skill will enhance with the passage of time, and you earn more and more with your skills.


Payment Modes:


In Data Entry Operator Projects, they send you cheques of Mutuall Bank, and you can deposit it at your bank and paid some clearing charges, and withdraw your amount.


You can get payment of Google adsense with Cheques as well as Western Union(available in National Bank, Punjab Bank) and many more. And there is no extra charges will charge from Western Union.


Technical Aspects:


Data Entry is not a technical Work, but you never get handsome amount, its feasible for those who have some short knowledge and just want earnings.


Google Adsnese is very technical, you will have to study terms and conditions of Google and a lot more stuff is available to make it luxurious.


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