Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Thinking ! Earn Today

Why are you wasting your time. If you have a sound mind and skill to operate computer and knowledge about web browsing and computer technical skill. Just encash your skill with your cleverness and make your work pretty good. Recently we are only providing data entry work in Pakistan only. Im providing here some details about our "Home Based Jobs".


Job Title: Marketing Typist

You will have to fill at least 1500 forms in a month and you will receive upto Rs. 12000.

Registration Fee: (One Time Only: Non Refundable)
Rs. 7500 for Marketing Typist
Monthly Fee: No monthly Fee
Subscription Time: No time limit,
Procedure of Work: Our representative will guide you online.

Other Requirements:
Computer: Pentium 4
RAM: At Least 512 (1G.B Recommended)
Internet Connection: DSL (1MB)
Available Working Time: (2 to 3 hours in Start)

Common Question:

Q:This work is limited?
Ans: No, you will receive one assignment at 1st of every month and you will have to submit it on last working day of that month.
Q: If i never complete work in time, so what will happen?
Ans: If you complete 600 entries than your income page will show your income according to 600 entries, but for Payment cheque. Your income will be more than 100 Dollors.
Q: When I will receive 1st Payment?
Ans: You will receive 1st payment atleast after 2 months, for example you start you work on 1st march and you submit on 30th march, then your assignment will check by supervisor team in april and your income will show in your income page in may.
Q: Will i receive each payment after 2 months?
Ans: Only 1st time you will have to wait for two months, after that you will submit your current work and receive your payment of previous month work. and Schedule will be continue.
Q: How can i contact with you?
Ans: For more queries you can email at:
and for Order "Marketing Typist" email us at
Q: This Site is Scam Free or How can we believe that this is a trusted Site?
Ans: Just ask at for geniuness of the site.

Phone: 0342-2851494(Site Admin)

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