Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Don't Know aNyThing, HoW CaN I STarT EarninG: Part I

Some Common Question about Internet, Im writing as follow;

1-Im an ordinary user of internet, Just know about Internet browsing and Chatting, can I earn through Internet.

2-I don't know, how can a web site create, still i have experience of internet browsing, can I earn money from home.

3-Is internet earning is as simple as i sale a product.

4-Internet earning is a real technical work or any ordinary user can earn through Internet.

So Let us start with First Question: (Answers)

In All question there is no hard and fast rule to answer yes or no, because it will depend. Because internet earning is not a deal like to take a cup of tea. It really required a step by step procedure, and you will have to learn it first then you can earn handsome money. This site will educate you if you are a hard worker, and we will provide you ideas, because we are not taking any charges for our guideline. Just follow the step by step instruction. (You can see our old links, available on our site), than you can learn how a person can start from scratch. But I want to tell you all that internet earning and internet labour work earning are not same. Some people can utilize your time and they will pay you immediately, when you complete your work, like they will give you task to fill the forms and they will give you 10 to 20 cents for each form, depending upon no. of fields, but my sincere advice is that don't go with them, because when you take money, you`never learn anything, and you only get the reward of your doing work, and they must get same benifit as you take or something more than you, so why not start your own work. Try to commit yourself with yourself, no need to go with me. Just believe on yourself and start working in your additional time and just do your regular job for earning, because you cannot bear your internet usage expenses if you don't have any job, so just try to work anywhere else and did your internet earning in your extra time, after that put your full efforts, now in Pakistan the payment system is very simple, you can get your money from National Bank of Pakistan's any branch and Bank of Punjab's any Branch through western union and if you earn 100 dollar than there is no deduction. You get the equivalent money in Pakistani Currency. So don't worry google is not a fraud and cheater, you can see many famous sites with google ads, so ready for start and start your work at home today, with creating a simple blog. Wish you best of luck.

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