Monday, December 14, 2009

Blogger vs Wordpress

Most of our members ask the question that which service is best for us,blogspot or wordpress.
The answer is very simple. Both services have good and bad features,so it will depend upon your choice, like if you just want to create a very simple blog,and you are new on internet,than i suggest that blogger is best,because its very simple procedure to create a blog on blogger,you can do it,even in few minutes,and your blog is highly integrated with search engines,because blogger is a googles product,and the templates are also available.
Wordpress is older than blogspot,it have many attractive features,very huge help forum is also another feature of blogger,its basicaly provides you php site,but its respectively more technical than blogger,but seriously very intersting to work. You can chek examples of both. (blogspot) (example of wordpress blog)

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