Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To Make Money Online | Make Money Online in Pakistan

I have knowledge, i have skills, i have great passion to work. I want to earn. But this country cannot give me the chance to earn. Because every job needs reference or every job is reference based or depends upon rishwat. I am hopeless because in our country there is no life of educated people.

Most of us have same type of thinking. But most of them are totally wrong. Because now we have access for knowledge. I just give you a simple example. You apply for a job, send your cv and wait for reply. Why never call them on there HR(Humen Resource).

Just think for a while that you are totally wrong. Your thinkings are based upon your wrong assumption. After spending few years in market. You just realize there were hundered of opportunities. Which i can get. but my wrong assumption restrict me to go for them.

How to make money online. If i say you have a golden hen and you don't know where she is. So you may astonish that what rubbish he is saying. I only have degree and he is saying you have a golden hen. Ok I have a secret for you that through internet you can earn a lot of money with unique ideas. You can get the answer of this famous question "How to make money online". ask your self how people can earn money from internet.  If you have no answer then search on internet. Just open and write the words "How to make money online" or "how can i earn money on internet" and get the results of hand made articles of experienced people.

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