Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I Can Earn Online Through Google

I am writing some steps that how you can earn money through google.

1- Make your site (Using Blogger, Wordpress, WebSiteTonight etc. They provide you free templates)
2- Write good contents of your own interest(Take help and material from other sites, but don't use copy paste information. its violation of google)
3- Read google "Terms and Conditions"
4- Get Traffic to your site.
5- Apply for Google Adsense Program
6- Implement Google adsense in your site(Not Technical:Its very easy, just paste the provided html code)
7- Receive your monthly earning from "Western Union" or from National bank and punjab bank through Western Union.

The whole process is looking difficult in first reading, but when you try for every step and work hard. Then results will be better.

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