Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Pain No Gain !

I read many times on internet that people can earn money by spending 15 to 30 mints daily and they can earn 100 of dollors easily, earning on internet is not just like to take a cup of tea. Its a complete knowledge and procedure and its a step by step procedure, but steps are not defined in a fix sequence. In Pakistan, now internet is available almost in every 1/10th home. So if you have any stuff on internet, like your website or your profile at any job site, it means you are connected with all domestic internet users and also with global users. Here im giving an example of "Peter Chen", who is working online business. They are dealing in mobiles selling and other electronic products. He is member of a site and sell goods through that site. Im sharing his experience about online earning. He said that he remember that time when it was late night in the China and he was talking with his overseas customer and selling product and enjoying profits. but im not sharing any procedure about product selling, because in our country its very complexed to sell products online. But you can learn how you can start. Just come and visit my forum and post your question at and leave your question. and I will guide you for the rest of the procedure. Only serious candidates join the fourm.

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