Saturday, June 14, 2008

Promote Your Site

Your Site is now complete. So what will be the next step.

The Question is that why people come in ur site(Log Q ap ki site Visit kerein gy)

So there are some tips for Getting Traffic


1- Write an email about your site, in which you must mention about the highlights of your site, like...this is a site for entertainment purpose and i combine gud pakistani ghazals singers top ranking ghazals in it...for my freinds that they can locate it from one i requested you to visit my site and get the details

*Send this email to your freinds and family and relivant persons.....that they can get information from it...

2- Try to capture the ideas from high ranked sites, like that why they get the visitors....its only coz they use very highly ideas of visitors attraction...they know about the needs of the visitors

3- Submit your site on Google Directory and other search Engines like yahoo and msn

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